MK.23 SOCOM Carbine conversion kit DMR (AIRSOFT)


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This kit allows you to transform sharp shooter airsoft pistol to a DMR rifle with advanced folding stock, optic sights and many accessories on board. Kit is 3d printed with PETG. Distributed as .stl files for your own 3d printing and assembled kits via mail.

Exclusive features are:

  • Suppressor moving system for SILENT/COVERT mode
  • Highly developed stock with a lot of adjustments and now compatible/interchangeable with m4 buffer tube stocks
  • No teardown for pistol insertion
  • Adjustable drop stock function
  • Optimised for support-less printing and easier finishing

Screws/nuts blueprint

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One of the most advanced conversion kits for MK23 airsoft replicas on the internet. It’s been evolving for years and finally came to its universal shape and maximum accessories compatibility.  


  • Kit consist of interchangeable parts and can be tailored to operator’s likening
  • Foldable stock but compatible to M4 AEG buffer tube
  • MLOK compatible for accessories 
  • RIS (Picatinny) rails for acessories
  • Simplified design for easier sanding & painting
  • Backward compatibility with previous versions
  • Made from PETG plastic with FDM 3d printer technology
  • Sanded with rotary machine and painted with steady dye

3d printing features:

  • Designed for easy printing without supports where possible
  • Improved tolerances for common 3d printers but wobble-free operation
  • Designed for standard metric screws and nuts (and single inch screw)


  • Dimensions:  45x80x240mm (biggest part)
  • Accepts airsoft pistols without full disassembly
  • Pistol is secured by screw on finger-guard (where LAM module was mounted)
  • No need to remove safety lever for securing pistol, however still possible
  • All pistol controls are reachable
  • TDC adjustment screw can be accessed from top with allen key or from shell ejection port

Suppressor block:

  • Dimensions 50x63x195
  • Accepts Tokyo Marui MK23 suppressor
  • Silent and Stealth mode: Move suppressor front or backward when longer inner barrel installed
  • Suppressor can be screwed on outer barrel 
  • Can be changed to smaller dummy part


  • M4 AEG compatible
  • User can use own buffer tube and stock in MK23 kit of use our tube and stock on M4 in any combinations
  • Folding mechanism respects M4 stock dimensions
  • Locking mechanism with screw for durability with advanced loop-type handle for faster operation
  • Folding mechanism opens route for pistol insertion
  • Works as additional construction tensioner
  • Compatible with previous versions
  • Adjustable height of cheek rest and buttpad
  • Soft polyurethane molded buttpad
  • Stock length adjustment with screw (for easy printing)
  • Plastic screws can be printed and used instead of some expensive metal screws for cheek rest
  • Additional M4 buffer tube adapter for non-folding configuration gives angled drop-stock functionality


  • 3d printed, sanded and painted (MK23BINE-PAINTED) is machine and hand finished and painted with nice semi-matt dye. Buffer tube, wheels and rails are not painted.

  • 3d printed — no painting (MK23BINE-SELF) is quality printed kit without any finish. PETG material gives a little bit glossy look.



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