MK.23 SOCOM Carbine conversion kit DMR (AIRSOFT)


This kit allows you to transform sharp shooter airsoft pistol to a DMR rifle with advanced folding stock, optic sights and many accessories on board. Kit is 3d printed with PETG. Distributed as .stl files for your own 3d printing and assembled kits via mail.

Updated in 2020 Carbine kit gets the most versatile and full featured among plastic carbine kits.

Exclusive features are:

  • Suppressor moving system for SILENT/COVERT mode
  • Highly developed stock with a lot of adjustments and now compatible/interchangeable with m4 buffer tube stocks
  • No teardown for pistol insertion
  • Adjustable drop stock function
  • Optimised for support-less printing and easier finishing

Screws/nuts blueprint

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Added sliced 2-part BODY files so now biggest part is 195 mm length


(refer to renders marked “AUG2020”)


  • 1 part instead of 3, so less finishing and assembly efforts
  • 4-6 screws instead of 10
  • Shorter because of updated body, allowing suppressor to screw on barrel
  • New holes for rail mounting without mlok (but with screw and nut)


  • Now possible using without FRONT
  • Improved fire safety access
  • Improved TDC Mod operation hole
  • Improved Shell ejection port
  • M4 and M3 accessory rails
  • Body version with 1 mm ring of easy sticking to the print bed (should be break removed)


  • M4 compatibility: stock cam be placed on any M4
  • Any M4 stock can be used
  • Buffer tube from m4 can be used also
  • Drop stock adapter with 3 positions is also fixed stock adapter
  • New folding stock eliminates need of stock assembly removal for pistol insertion
  • Folding stock can be installed on all previous BODY parts
  • To install new folding stock user must drill M8 hole on the M4 place
  • Now stock length is adjustable a bit
  • Stock itself is easier to print and finish
  • Additional M8 screw head attachment for one finger operation
  • If stock doesn’t look in proper direction, there are 1º adapter


  • Overall improved

— end of update description —


  • Retractable suppressor system gives you option to use in stealth or silent mode.
  • Longer inner barrel is covered with suppressor in stealth mode and supported with special system in silent mode.
  • Kit uses stock suppressor from TM MK23 SOCOM
  • Folding stock is secured with screw (we found this more secure for 3d printed parts than buttons)
  • Adjustable height for cheek rest and adjustable butt pad on stock
  • Rubber pad on butt pad
  • Easy pistol insertion system: whole stock assembly goes up on a hinge
  • Pistol is secured with screw on a trigger guard
  • Easy access to TDC screw from shell ejection port or on top of the body through ris rail
  • Up to 9 positions for mounting accessories with mlok compatible holes
  • Mag holder hand grip with spring loaded lock
  • Kit is sanded and painted with 2 layers of primer and 2 layers of matte paint
  • Customisable optic mount on demand
  • Customisable lettering/logo

What’s incuded:

  • 4 part body
  • Suppressor mount
  • Stock assembly
  • m4 buffer tube stock adapter
  • 6 plastic RIS (Picatinny) rails
  • Some gift from the author which randomly can be mag holder grip or TDC hopup mod or something else we produce for mk23 system

Free customisation options:

  • Custom engraved text/logo on body or stock
  • Paint color
  • Custom design parts: for example fixed stock or length of the suppressor cage.


  • Typically shipping costs not more than $30, so it is included in price.
  • Exception for Belgium: Add $10 to the price for special parcel handling and shipping cost
  • Production time is up to 3 weeks due to high load. 
  • We send kits via regular mail everywhere.

Digital options:

  • We provide everything described in “What’s incuded” section in .stl files
  • Mag holder grip is included
  • TDC hopup mod is not included
  • 3d printing enthusiasts need to buy assorted screws and nuts in every other store. Metric or inch would do, except screw for trigger guard which is inch. Pay attention to mlok compatible nuts.
  • Future minor/stability digital updates of this kit will be sent to all customers
  • Bigger updates like completely different parts will be sold independently but with great discount to the original kit customers 
  • Digital release is ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE. You may print kit or two for you and your friends.
  • Commercial rights are available. Contact author for further discussion.

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