Welcome to our design library. Here’s some 3d models and makes designed so far. Creations can be tailored.

M4 airsoft Lower and Upper receiver template (for custom designs)


Outerbarrel with tracer thread

Barrel removal tool

Hand grip

Picatinny rail

Easy door with lock

Modular suppressor for airsoft with adapters

Tracer, front cap and foam modules

System compatible with foam cylinders and m32 thread from Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM airsoft pistol

Adapters for M14, M16, MP5 3-LUG, MP9 have:

  • Gun side thread
  • M32 thread for suppressor module or MK23 suppressor shell
  • M11 thread for tracer

MP5 Barrel Cap have M11 thread for tracers

PDW Stock system replacement for airsoft M4

Compact base with picatinny rail

Buttstock adjustable angle mount

Slim & lightweight

Good with carbon tube for batteries

M4 LIGHT STOCK airsoft with MOSFET compartment

Lightweight and minimalist stock for buffertube airsoft equipment

Spring loaded lock retract system

Button lock door for battery/mosfet

Battery (LiPo 11.1v up to 1300 mah) is inside buffertube and mosfet is placed in buttstock

Easy printable and highly compatible buffertube

MP5 Handguards

Tubular, octal, octal with handstops and ribs

For MP5 and MP5k

Battery-containing and slim variants

Selector plates and triggers for MP5 (ICS)

Special parts for Leviathan V2 and Arm-V Desire MOSFETs

Triggers for adjustable run (“hair trigger”)

Maxx CNC Hopup LED brackets
M4 AEG triggers for Leviathan V2

VSR-10 airsoft speed stock

Replacement stock (lower receiver-handguard) for Cyma/Tokyo Marui VSR-10 sniper rifle

Accepts both VSR-10 and M4 mags with hidden adapter

Compatible to M4 buffertube and AEG grips

Grip seat is lean forward for handy

Folding stock

TDC Hopup Mod for Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM / Novritsch SSX23

Aluminium, FDM and SLS/MJF 3d printing versions

Easy printing and manufacture

Nubs and barrel fix ring

TDC Mod allows to control hopup rubber pressure from outside the pistol with screw

Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM slide

Precise model replacement

Easy production versions: with/without sights


Aiming/flashlight attachment to MK23 SOCOM airsoft pistol. Recovered functionality from original HK prototype.

Working laser adjustment controls

CREE XML T3 led module

Lens and lens filter cap with mounts

IR LED and RED laser aiming

Encoder switches for additional functions

Tokyo Marui Hicapa 5.1 airsoft pistol parts





Hicapa Split Slide

Slide replacement system with fixed barrel for Hicapa (2011) and Colt 1911 airsoft gas blow back pistols

Compatible with various vendors and parts

Construction provides lightweight fast cycling slide and fixed stable barrel front

Picatinny mount for accessories

TDC Mod screw inside

M11 thread mount for tracers

M3 threads for barrel addons

Easy cocking handle on RMR mount

Colt 1911 airsoft gas blow back comp and accessory rail attachment

Mounts on standard place

Adds non intrusive functionality


Attachment set for Hicapa airsoft pistols

Holds additional mag with stock lock

Picatinny rails for sights

Looks like Kriss Vector


Holds additional mag with stock lock

Picatinny rails for accessories

“Vorpal Bunny” version

For TM5.1 and all other frames

Finger safety bracket

Mini grip/magholders for Hicapa and MK23/SSX23 airsoft pistols

Grippy serrations

Spring loaded lock

Glock 18C AEP and GBB replacement slides

Precise models for airsoft pistols

For electric AEP and gas blowback GBB systems

Highly customizable

Easy versions for FDM 3d printing

Glock suppressor inspired by Fischer Design FD917

Spring lock button

Modular design