Announcement 2020

Here’s our plans for 2020 and some news about our services.

Starting of 2020 we decided to reduce physical production as much as possible. Since we are design and prototyping agency it is incredibly hard to mass produce our kits. 

We delayed many orders because of 3d printers malfunction. Surely we can fix them but it takes time. So we just cant be sure how much time it takes to accomplish every order. In this way it reminds how prop shop works.

Time is not our friend but we hope to build all orders in December 2019. All materials are bought already and nothing can stop us from finishing it.

Meanwhile it brings more happiness to invent new designs. Our Carbine Kits are well received by users, many say thats the best design they encountered. And they are innovative in many points. There are carbine kit for 3 most popular airsoft platforms: HICAPA, MK23 and GLOCK. They were updated and expanded vastly. New products came to store this November but it is just a fraction of digital works we did this year.

Digital purchases are available for all kits on, CGTrader and Cults3D. We want to prioritise digital distribution of .stl printable files and design on demand. 

We could upload files to some 3d printing service but thats too expensive. For example carbine kit on Sculpteo could cost about $600. 

Thats why we decided to introduce bundles: .stl files + 3d printer. There are nearly perfect 3d printer on AliExpress which could do the job, easy to assemble in 2 hours and it prints good from the start. It is currently $159 with delivery to US (from US). Users also need to buy 1 kg of PETG filament in every store. 

Bundled solution will be almost the same price as current 3d printed kits but you’ll get a 3d printer! Your printer will come faster than we produce any kit in queue. You can buy mentioned 3d printer right now and get DIGITAL package of carbine kit and build it yourself right now. 3d printing profiles, BOM, instructions will be added shortly.

We take no responsibility for 3d printer quality and its delivery. Any order on Aliexpress can be refunded and problems will be solved. It is observed several times that it comes fast and works excellent.

For the lovers of finished products we still leave option in our store but the price will be higher.

There will be new (lighter) versions of all carbine kits released when there are some headroom to design them. Various parts for airsoft M4, MP5, HICAPA, GLOCK platform are designed already and need to be tested before release. 

We are incredibly grateful to everybody for attention to our work and patience. Looking forward to see you on our website in 2020. 

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