Glock 18/17 GBB/AEP airsoft carbine conversion kit


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Compatibility: GBB, AEP Glocks, semi-auto and full auto models. (I tested on KJW KP-18, Cyma CM-030)

– Closed body with small amount of holes
– Empty mag reset button
– Push-and-rotate semi-auto/full-auto switch
– Ambidextrous cocking handle
– Fast pistol insert with spring-loaded lock
– Swing mounted suppressor
– Original folding stock
– M4 stock tube adaptor
– Top and bottom picatinny-compatible rails
– Additional side picatinny accessory rails
– Osprey-styled mock suppressor with printed baffles
– Another suppressor compatibility on request
3d printing and assembly features:
– Easy printing with 285 mm height printers without supports
– Square nuts instead of hex ones (works better with plastic)
– All M3 screws standard lengths
– Pistol lock made of M5 screw with dremel in 20 minutes
– Folding stock lock spring is from pen
For sure this is (maybe) the fastest to install pistol kit. 

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